Get out in the Open – Welcome to OpenNI 2.0

When Natural Interaction (NI) technology was first revealed the world raised an eyebrow. Suddenly a Back to the Future style universe where teenagers wore their pants inside out and caused havoc on hoverboards seemed didn’t seem so far off.

Welcome to OpenNI 2.0, the shiny new platform from OpenNI® ( – the world’s largest 3D sensing development framework and community. And, if that isn’t cool enough we are a non-profit that decided it was high time to promote and standardize NI devices, applications and middleware, plus, more than 85,000 downloads a month of our OpenNI SDK – imagine what is being created out there!

With a plethora of new middleware partners and a new improved Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download, OpenNI 2.0 is growing, and with it the possibilities for N.I. Development.

Now simpler to use, the new SDK has opened 3D development up to developers in a wide range of markets, from robotics, retail and digital signage to gaming, entertainment and more.

In the hands of experts in any field its uses can be myriad and often surprising; turning science fiction rather neatly into science fact.

What’s one of the coolest things about OpenNI? We think it’s the Open Developer Arena and Showcase. Arena is a place for OpenNI developers to download software and third party middleware and apps: Showcase is the place where developers can post up photos and videos of the projects, ideas and future-changing, bending stuff they are working on.

We have a powerful roster of 3D Middlewares partners. Here’s a little taste of innovation in OpenNI:

  • 3D3 Solutions
  • Artec
  • Ayotle
  • Covii
  • Faceshift
  • Forth-ICS
  • GlobalSensing
  • Intelli-Vision
  • Intempora
  • MotionNexus
  • SigmaRD
  • Tiptep
  • University of Southern California
  • Volumental.

And, 3D scanning and reconstruction, facial tracking, hand skeleton, scene segmentation, measurement tools and 3D animations – yes we have all of that under our OpenNI roof.

Through this blog we call Open Up, we will share the most exciting of these developments with you in some fun to read formats, crazy 30 second stories about the developers, partners and OpenNI groupies that will change our world with 3D.

“If you put your mind to it,” said Marty McFly, “you can accomplish anything.” Lets see what that ‘anything’ will be.